In order to maintain a high quality of service and respect the time of all of our clients and technicians, if you have a car seat check appointment scheduled, please note the following requirements:

1. You cannot be later than 15 minutes for your appointment. We allot a 45 minute time frame in which to conduct inspections and need all that time possible to ensure we answer all your questions and complete a thorough inspection.

2. When applicable, you must have your child with you at the time of your appointment. It is always preferable that the child to whom the seat belongs is present at the time of the inspection/installation, but in certain cases not necessary. You will be notified at the time your appointment is made if this stipulation applies.

​3. You must be present for your entire appointment (e.g. you cannot leave and return later during the inspection station to finish your appointment). Again, in order to respect the time of other clients and our technicians, we are not able to break up appointment times.

*If for any reason you are unable to meet these requirements, your appointment will have to be rescheduled for a later date/time. We thank you for assistance in these matters.*

Douglas County Public Health Department

6770 Selman Drive

Douglasville, GA 30134


The below listed events are for Safe Kids Douglas County. If you'd like a presentation for your group, business, class, etc., please call 770-949-5155 or send an email to .

Child Safety Seat Inspection Station (CSSIS) Information

Events for child passenger safety are currently held at the following locations:

Douglas County Transportation Center
​8800 Dorris Road
Douglasville, Georgia 30134


Please call 770-949-5155 for the date, time, and location of the next available seat check event.
Attendance for these events are done
by appointment only!

Upcoming Events

Injury Prevention: At home, at play
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