Please keep in mind that while the information below lists that certain events are done during certain times of the year, we are able to provide interactive education to any group size year round on any of our listed topics to both children and adults.

In and Around Cars - Addresses the greatest cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States and around the world.


- Child Passenger Safety:

   Child Safety Seat Inspection Station (CSSIS): One-on-one time with parents and caregivers to provide education on proper car seat
        use, as well as hands-on help for car seat installations
    + Reduced Cost Car Seat Program:Applicants must be a resident of Douglas County and provide proof that they are receiving assistance,
        such as WIC, Medicaid, or food stamps. Please call 770-949-5155 for more details. 
If applicants are not a resident of Douglas County, they
        may call and get information on programs available  in their county of residence.

Spot the Tot: Preventing vehicle back-overs and "front-overs."

Hyperthermia / Heat Stroke Awareness: Dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles, trunk entrapment, and vehicle entrapment

Countdown2Drive:​ Passenger education for preteens and teens before they drive. At age 13 and 14, a teen’s risk of dying while riding with a teenage driver is double what it was when he or she was younger. The program was designed to teach preteens and young teens about safe driving before they get behind the wheel.

Pedestrian Safety - Bring local attention to safety issues for pedestrians and instill safe behaviors through interactive education. Also includes bicycle and wheeled sports safety.


International Walk to School Day: In October of every year, millions of children from countries around the world participate in Safe Kids Walk This Way events for International Walk to School Day. The events raise community and global awareness about walking safety and promote healthful behaviors. A school does not need to have walking students to participate. An alternative event can be planned if there is not a large enough walking population or there are no safe routes. This year, Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 9th 2013. All participants receive a reflective item to where when walking and a coloring book, courtesy of FedEx.

- Halloween Safety - In October, educational events are held in schools and other requested locations to address safety during Halloween, such as painting a child's face instead of wearing a mask, which can obstruct their vision and hearing making it more dangerous to cross the street. All participants receive a reflective item to wear while trick-or-treating. Safe Kids Douglas also participates yearly at "Trick-or-Treat at the Courthouse."

Bike Rodeos: Children bring their bikes or scooters to the rodeo, receive a "passport," and go through different stations designed to get them "Ready to Roll," such as the helmet fit station, the wheel fit station, and the rules of the road station.

Home Safety - A very large program that covers several areas, such as fire safety,scald/burn safety,  poison safety, button battery safety, baby safety, and medication safety.


The Fire Safety House - In partnership with the Douglas County Fire Department, the Fire Safety House provides children ages 5 and up with the chance to practice a fire drill in a home, complete with sounding smoke detectors and fake smoke.

Pick Your Poison with Spike the Hedgehog - Children are asked to tell if an item is poisonous or harmless by examining it. The items presented are in sealed containers and monitored so there is no risk to the children.

Water Safety - Focuses on anti-drowning education. We cannot teach a child to swim in 30 minutes, but we can teach children, parents, and caregivers the basics of how to avoid drownings and how to rescue a victim without endangering themselves.


WHALE Tales (Water Habits Are Learned Early) - Dry / Land activity; does not require the use of a pool. Children / Adults are presented with a series of scenarios that take place in a pool, open water, and other locations that test/develop their knowledge on water safety.

April Pools Day / World's Largest Swim Lesson (June) - Through a combination of wet/dry stations, children learn basic water safety rules and practice rescuing techniques they have learned.

Youth Sports Safety - Provide education and resources for parents, coaches, schools, and young athletes on concussion prevention and diagnosis, acute and overuse injury prevention, proper hydration habits, and heatstroke/heat illness awareness and prevention.


- Sports Safety Clinic - Participants go through different stations designed to teach them the following: selecting the proper equipment, recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion, proper warm up/cool down exercises, how to properly hydrate and when.

Photo courtesy of This image was taken during Hawthorne Elementary's "International Walk to School Day" event in Teaneck, New Jersey, which is designed to highlight safe pedestrian habits and increase awareness for pedestrians. 
The coalition continually strives to maintain an active presence in the community by providing educational opportunities, equipment distribution, participation in community events, and general advocacy. With these coordinated efforts in the listed program areas, the coalition hopes to make a significant contribution and meaningful impact for Douglas County's families and children.

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